What Is It?

Project Radio Check is a veteran support organization, created and run by veterans.  Simply put, this is a mental health status check.  Project Radio Check seeks to put veterans in regular contact with other veterans, whose shared experiences have created a high level of mutual understanding. The purpose is to provide veterans with the opportunity to reach out to one another and to force veterans to answer short, specific questions about their mental health.  The issues of mental health and suicide are difficult to bring up on one’s own.  Radio Check seeks to provide veterans with a regular opportunity to reach out in times of need and to act as an early warning system that can guide veterans toward professional help should the need arise.


How Does It Work?

Veterans who volunteer to participate will receive an email reminder once a month to call another veteran.  This email will contain Project Radio Check’s standard procedures as well as pertinent information; including names, contact information, and protocols to be followed in the event that contact isn’t made or in the event of an emergency or possible emergency.  The phone call does not need to be long.  All that is required are the questions, “How is your mental health?”  and “Are you having any thoughts of suicide?”  Veterans who sign up to make a call will also receive one call a month.


What Happens If Someone Needs Help?

This will vary based on a case by case basis.  Everyone who signs up will be asked to provide the name of a local contact, a Battle Buddy (mother/friend/spouse/etc.).  For anything short of an emergency situation we will work with the veteran, their Battle Buddy, and anyone in the veteran community who might be able to provide help.  If need be someone will travel to make personal contact with that veteran.  The point is, short of an emergency where 911 needs to be called, we will work as a team to provide whatever help we can to anyone who needs it.  We are not mental health professionals, though we have some training in crisis management and offering help to people in mental distress.  We feel that we have a duty to one another.  Any help is better than no help, and hopefully if someone needs it this community will provide an opportunity to ask for help.  Finally, Brian and Joseph, the organizers of Radio Check, pledge to be the end of the line.  We will always, at any time, use any and all means we have available to aid our brothers-in-arms.  We know there are many others in this community who would make the same pledge.